>Great allotment ideas from the Eden Project


The Eden Project is a wonderful resource for gardeners and those interested in plant use, production and development. They have many great ideas that can be used domestically an on an allotment or as above just to make the flower boarder look stunning In this case a mixture of Alliumns and Globe Artichokes with climbing beans growing in patches will give great structure to your borders.
One of the most interesting areas was the Global Gardening area- here are how they keep their slugs at bay
Below are two different ways to create  arches for growing climbers such as cucumbers, gourds or even beans. The first photo is of two painted concrete reinforcing mesh sheets which has been bent into an ‘s’ shape and overlapped on the top – square on it is keyhole shaped.  
The other arch is made from pleached trees joined by bamboo poles- a spectacular but somewhat permanent arch.

A close up of the gourds growing up the trees is below complete with some useful signage ideas.
Some of the more interesting things being grown included cucumbers, Okra and chilies 
Although the area of the world garden was small it had a lot of plant and was full of produce.
There were also various ways of scaring the birds- child not included!

In the tropical dome the Malaysian house had a ‘typical’ garden with beans and other food growing much like an allotment.
Finally there was rice growing in the tropical dome- I could not resist a photo!

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