>Allotment 8 -drizzle

>Light rain last night helped to wet the ground but was it enough? I
Have also committed to the next door plot so officially have a full blown allotment. My former neighbough moved plots due to a minor border disagreement on the other side. So the new plot is half dug so I should have a head start. Planning still to be done.


>Allotment 7- Water Water

>It was over 27C yesterday and the Sun baked all the allotments. I called in after work to see what damage was done and to try an revive my newly planted beans, squash and corn. The stone mulch seems to have done the trick as they were looking much better. Many watering cans of water later and all the plants looked very happy.  The temperature suppposedly dropped overnight and should be around 18 C for Tuesday.  I hope that growth will take over survival.

>Allotment 6; baking and planting


Spent much of the weekend getting plants in even though it was so hot. Now have potatoes, shallots and onions sets in. Also sweetcorn, dwarf beans and artichoke plants plus carrots, french beans and radish seeds. Even managed to get the black, red and white currents, gooseberry bush and rhubarb corm in place.

Experimenting with a stone mulch to keep moisture in and protect roots from sun. Used much of the comfrey as a trench filler,

If the scorching weather continues will consider grape vines, tomatoes and chillies!

Now for watering – my 9 year old son proved to be an gold medal waterer. Only when I started did I realise how heavy the can was.

>Allotment 4:the big dig

>Sunday morning, son and I arrive at the weed patch to start making some order. String, pegs, tape measure. Site now marked out clearly and the first third weed free. I have drawn a plan and look forward to starting to plant. Som who is 9 spent most of the time playing “ragdoll” on the iPhone. Once done he helped with the measuring and raking. Then the drizzel started. Plot seems to have good soil, plenty of fat hen, comfrey and nettles. Well drained good mix of fairly deep topsoil. Nice neighbours. At least I will be able to use the comfrey as a feed.

>Veg patch

>Now I am confident the dog cannot get into the veg patch I have started the planting. The old sand table is now a salad grow bar, potatoes are in bags and tomatoes under cover. Garlic was planted in Nov last yr and apart from puppy nibble. Is doing well. Frosts still threatened so covers at the ready. Fingers crossed that we get some warmth again soon.