Mindless vandalism

I have been shocked that some of my neighbouring allotments have been badly vandalised. The plot which won one of the prizes last year and is a real inspiration to us all was broken into, the cages and gate smashed and the bean posts bend and broken. The allotment next to me had its gate smashed and the top of the tool box hacked into. My own plot is furthest from the main gate and the path and was not damaged although I do have a hoe which was thrown away by the vandals and I will return to the neighbours. I find it very difficult to understand why anyone would take even the smallest bit of pleasure from undoing someones very hard work. There cannot be any reason to cause such damage. We have all formed a local Allotment Watch group and although we hope this is a one-off we will have a few more people on the look out in future.

Vandalised bean poles

Broken cages and fence at the allotment Feb 2011

Ruralidyller is moving to WordPress

This is the first post in Word Press, much still to be done but the Blogger world let us down a bit with problems viewing in IE.

This site is dedicated to seeking out the rural idyll. It is a dream to live a simple rural life for many especially if you spend too much time jammed on trains going to big cities. The reality may be different but there is no harm in dreaming.