>Allotment 10- digging, rain and plans


The new plot 20B is now over 2/3rds dug and already has my blackberry and tayberry bushes in place. As an experiment I put them into a buried container to stop them taking over. But will this stop them fruiting?
A nice neighbour from down the allotment hill gave me some runner bean plants – so these are now in and staked up. My courgette plans have also be put in and surrounded by a stone mulch.
I have lost three sweetcorn plants to a combination of not enough water and  being a bit heavy handed with their removal from the seed tray. Other plants seem to be surviving. Some radish seeds are sprouting as are the Chard.

The plan for 20 A is now like this

The plan for 20B is still being created but my Cypriot barber has inspired me with talk of Seeds of Italy. I ordered everything I could that said June was still a planting date.  Losts of rain over the weekend up to 2 June when the Sun seems to be out and it is warming up again. I bet the weeds have taken advantage!

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